Prunier Caviar Packaging

We offer you with the new catch, two different kinds of tins – packaging for the Prunier caviar, each with their own advantages.


The Vacuum tin that is used by the industry all over the world, while it has its advantages with its hermetic closure also shrinks the grain due ti the vacuum pressure and as such reduces the absolute beauty that is a freshly produced Caviar. It also “freezes” the maturations process and as such the Caviar that is packed right after the production never reaches its finest stages of tasting.

We have therefore decided to introduce a new Caviar Program.

In other words, from now on you receive the Prunier Caviar slightly pasteurized in standard tin and fresh Prunier Caviar in original tins(slip-lid).


The advantage of the pasteurized Prunier Caviar is the sake of easy handeling as well as consistence. The greatest advantage of this program is that the Caviar can travel easily without cooling for at least 12 hours and unlike the original tin it will better withstand temperature changes.

The original tin has the advantage that the Caviar stays at its absolute quality level and continues its maturation process after packing. In exchange for the high level of quality it is also the most fragile Caviar packing which continues to leak small quantities of oil during its maturation process.



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